• Paul Hurley

The future of gameshows isn’t just going to be on TV.

Streamers using Quiz Kit in 2021 from top left: Maya Higa, Lenny Beige, Autumn, SlowThai, B_Phisto, Supercarlin Bros.

The Guardian recently called 2020 the ‘year of the quiz’. Here at Codices, this was very evident to us by the take-up last year of some of our most popular applications, including Quiz Kit.

There’s another world, away from TV, where quizzing and gameshows are also going through a massive rise in popularity. A world in which tens of thousands of people have taken the opportunity to host their own gameshows with the click of a few buttons, and where millions of players are joining in to play along.

Welcome to Codices’ live online interactive gameshow world, which also shows no sign of letting up in 2021.

The Guardian’s assertion that TV quizzes are more popular than ever is correct — who would have foreseen the BBC running their first stripped 9pm daily gameshow with Gordon Ramsay as the host, as they did last week?

Our shows — to date predominantly run on Twitch channels — have seen plenty of the traditional quiz show conventions. Jeopardy? Check. 300,000 players joined in to play along live with Digital Extremes ‘Warframe’ show last August which had exclusive pre-release prizes up for grabs. In December, tens of thousands played in our world exclusive live head-to-head team battles in which leading football streamers @the_pieface and @bateson had a series of rematches with their reputations on the line.

Then there is the knowledge aspect: players have loved the Google-proof nature of the questions. Even though everyone may be walking around with a mobile Wikipedia in their pocket, they are still going to find it tricky to find the answers to some of our bespoke content, especially once the timer starts counting down and points are disappearing.

But, what’s arguably the biggest driver to our services is that literally anyone can host their own show. And they are doing so in droves: tens of thousands of future Alexander Armstrongs or Jeremy Clarksons are using Quiz Kit every month, and we will very shortly hit 3 million active monthly players worldwide.

Monthly growth of Quiz Kit users

Some of these hosts are creating their own looks for their shows, all of which encourages interactivity in the chat and audiences to return again and again. This informal, uplifting experience has also encouraged a viral effect: as other streamers participate and see the higher levels of engagement, they are in turn installing our applications to become hosts themselves. So, yes, gameshows are here to stay, and we are excited to be at the forefront of giving them yet another twist.

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