• Tim Edwards

Quiz Kit Update: New Game Mode Launched

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

We hope everyone is keeping safe in these difficult times! For our July update, we finally have our new game mode Risk It out for everyone to play. We have tested the game with some initial audiences however it’s still early days of the new format so please give us feedback through the Discord.

To see how to play the game please check out the video below:

Below is a full list of the changes this update:


Risk It

Brand new game mode to try with your audience.

Updated Profanity Filter

We can now whitelist words that you request to prevent unnecessary filtering. Just send us a note.

Improved Anti-Cheat System

Improved tools to identify users trying to cheat and preventing them.

Fixed Issues

- Fixed issue with text in answers not breaking to the next line.

- Fixed issue with download your quiz results as before it wouldn’t work due to a browser update.

- Fixed issue on iOS where answer boxes wouldn’t update correctly when revealed.

- Improved latency compensation for both viewers and broadcaster.

- Added more words in multiple languages.

We all hope you have a great time with Risk It and let us know how you find it.