• Tim Edwards

Quiz Kit Update: Mobile Mode + Fixes + More

After a good month of development, we have a new update which brings a lot of new features and fixes. We are also trialling a brand new game-show format called Risk It which is currently available for certain streamers on request as we are still refining it before we release to everyone.

Full Change Log

New Features

  • Mobile High Latency Mode Before Quizzes

  • Download Quiz Data From Previous Quizzes 

  • Beta Game Mode Risk It available for beta users


  • Improved general stability for quiz games

  • Error checks to make sure answers are randomised

  • Configuration Screen increased responsiveness 

  • Live Configuration Screen increased responsiveness

  • Adding questions now keeps you on your existing question during editing. 

  • New API calls to be in line with Twitch new policies 

Bug Fixes

  • Cursor no longer jumps to end when updating question text

  • Games played and unplayed status now updates correctly

  • Long words on mobile now go to a new line if no space exists

  • Some visual bugs for viewers in Safari and Firefox

Mobile Latency Mode

This new button allows you to provide a better experience for mobile users. Due to the higher latency on the mobile app this new mode will sync up the questions and your video feed up to 30 seconds behind. The one downside to this is you will have to wait the extra 20 seconds between questions to wait for those players so if most your viewers are on desktop then don’t worry about it!

Download Your Quiz Show Results

You can now download the results to all your questions and also see the winners in games you have run in the past! This way you should be able to track players' scores over time and do multiple rounds. Let us know how you use them and we can see how to improve this feature in future updates.

General Visual & Resizing Improvements

We have spent a lot of time making sure all the configuration and control windows look great in all browsers and so you can now resize them to how you want! 

New Game Mode - Risk It

This is a new game mode we are currently trialing with beta users as we iron out any issues and make sure it works well for everyone. You can soon watch a video and will be posting more about this very soon.

Happy Quizzing and let us know how you find this update.

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