• Tim Edwards

First live channel VS channel quiz show launches on Twitch

Updated: Nov 12

Thousands of Twitch viewers tuned in to see streamers bateson87 and Pieface23 go head to head in a 1.5-hour live quiz show sponsored by Amazon Prime Video. The unique cutting-edge quiz format developed by tech start-up Codices saw the streamers, aided by their audiences, answer a series of football-based questions.

In the first of three live channel v channel football quizzes, the streamers and their audiences were put through their paces with a series of questions specifically written to promote Amazon Prime Video’s sponsorship of the English Premier League games. In a close contest bateson87 emerged the winner with a score of 11 to Pieface23's 8.

Battle will recommence when the streamers meet for round two on Tuesday 10th December at 15:00 (GMT) with the final scheduled for Tuesday 17th December at 15:00 (GMT). To take part visit www.twitch.tv/bateson87 or www.twitch.tv/pieface23.

Billed as a world first, it is undoubtedly a new format for streamers and was well received. Speaking after the first show bateson87 said,“I enjoyed it, that’s one of the best things I’ve done on Twitch”. And Pieface23 complimented the tech,“I thought that was really fun, it’s very smooth as well”.

Codices CEO & Founder, Tim Edwards commented: “Here at Codices we focus on creating adrenaline-fueled live interactive shows that large audiences can play simultaneously. This show married smart tech with well-crafted content to deliver an amazing experience for the communities and the streamers, creating authentic branded content for Amazon Prime Video’s exclusive English Premier League games. A win-win!”

The APV Head 2 Head Football Quiz is the first of many mass participation interactive formats Codices have in development where influencers and the audience are at the heart of the experience. The underlying technology Quiz Kit, developed by Codices, is available for free on Twitch and fully customisable for brands.

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