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10,000 South Korean players join the game show revolution with Quiz Kit

Codices Interactive is launching their interactive game show app QuizKit in South Korea, during the massive PlayX4 gaming event. QuizKit will run on South Korea’s official Twitch channel during the event, in between talks on the main stage and to a massive audience of between 10,000 and 14,000 players.

Game shows have been a popular part of culture since the first shows were broadcast in the 1930s - as television has evolved, so too have game shows, to remain relevant to a modern audience. Now, broadcast media has been revolutionised by streaming services such as Amazon’s Twitch platform, boasting over 2.9 million record concurrent viewers in 2018. QuizKit is the interactive solution for game shows to be relevant for this enormous modern audience.

QuizKit was launched in English in 2018, and gives Twitch streamers and viewers the ability to participate in interactive, player driven quiz shows. Speaking on the growth of QuizKit, Codices CEO Tim Edwards said: “Since we launched our beta version last October, we’ve had a million unique users taking part in the game shows using our app. We also have just over 400 monthly active broadcasters using Quiz Kit.”

QuizKit is now being translated into South Korean after being spotted by South Korean delegates, who saw that QuizKit would be the perfect partner for PlayX4 and the trend setting region of Korea. Viewers of the event will be able to participate even more directly with the event thanks to QuizKit, bringing them closer to their favourite gaming celebrities and personalities. The event is attended by global giants such as Google, Amazon and NCSOFT.

Tim Edwards has said of the launch: “We’re super excited to be launching in South Korea, especially as it's one of gaming’s biggest markets. It is also one of Twitch’s fastest growing markets...This could be the start of a number of products we could offer to streamers around the world.”

PlayX4 is a huge celebration of gaming in South Korea, spanning across all media such as board games and card games, as well as global phenomenon video game franchises such as Overwatch and League of Legends. Viewers will be able to watch the broadcast on South Korea’s official Twitch channel starting on 9th May, available for anyone with internet access to view at www.twitch.tv/

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